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The branch of company “Dyninno Group Limited” called “Dynatech Latvia” (hereinafter referred to as Dynatech Latvia), Jeruzalemes iela 1, Rīga, LV-1010, being a service provider engaged in personnel selection (COMPETITIVE ADMISSION) for the needs of employers in Latvia, is the CONTROLLER of the personal DATA you provide (Curriculum Vitae and other information you might provide by participating in employment applications).

Your data is processed for the PURPOSE of selecting appropriate candidates for a specific job opening. The legal BASIS for the data processing is your consent, expressed as the act of sending your CV to the controller.

While you are participating in an active competitive admission, the purpose of processing your data will be the establishment of a legal labour relationship with the employer that advertised the job opening; the legal basis for data processing will be preparations for entering into an employment agreement.

The RECIPIENTS of your data are our employees who are adequately qualified and engaged in the personnel selection process, as well as potential employers and our processors, who under our supervision provide technical support and ensure data processing security. We store your data on servers located in the United States, with our trusted partners who are enrolled in the Privacy Shield (US/EU) programme, processing your data solely in accordance with our instructions, and in compliance with the provisions of the applicable data protection legislation.

Considering the fast pace of development and operational specifics of employers with whom the controller is engaged, most job openings are available several times per year.

Therefore, if you do not get selected in a specific competitive selection, and in cases where you submit your CV for a different opening (other than the one included on a list), your data will be stored for a term of TWO YEARS[1].

If you have participated in a competitive selection in which you were not successful, and a new competition has been announced for a job opening suitable for you, we will use data obtained from you during preceding selection process in order to evaluate your candidacy.

By providing us with data, you have the following RIGHTS:

  • To request access to your personal data from the controller;
  • To revoke consent at any time by writing to us from the e-mail address specified in your CV or by submitting a written application; revoked consent does not affect the legality of processing based on consent preceding the revocation (data processing following revocation of consent);
  • To modify or update data to facilitate accomplishment of the purpose (i.e. to be selected as the best candidate);
  • To request deletion of your data by the controller (in cases specified in the applicable legislation);
  • To request restriction of the processing of your data by the controller (in cases specified in the applicable legislation);
  • To object to the processing of your data (in cases specified in the applicable legislation);
  • To request the forwarding of the data to another controller (right to portability), if technically feasible, and in accordance with other provisions related to data security;
  • To file a complaint with the Data State Inspectorate in cases where a dispute with the controller cannot be resolved through negotiation.

If a candidate refuses to provide additional information in order to update their initial CV, the candidate is deemed not to have provided consent to data processing within the framework of an active competitive selection.

Contact details:

For matters concerning the holding of competitive selections and related processes contact

For matters concerning data processing – contact the data protection officer at

[1] If a candidate wins a competition, all data will be forwarded to an employer for the purpose of concluding an employment agreement, and the employer (new controller) shall be responsible for subsequent data processing.

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